Intervju s Terry Francisom povodom gostovanja na Slurpu!

Razgovarali smo s Terryjem povodom gostovanja na Slurp! festivalu…
You are the only foreign headliner on SLURP festival and in a way a part of the Croatian scene from early beginnings. What was going on in your head when you got the 1st request to play in Croatia ?
To be honest I thought it would be a war zone, but I was very pleasantly surprised and the people were so welcoming. I’m very glad that I’ve become apart of the scene here.
Today Croatia is full of UK promoters doing fantastic festivals along the coast. Did you expect it 10 years ago and what do you think where will it be heading for the next 10 years ?
At one time I thought it might become like Ibiza, but i think the people in power put a stop to that. The scene seems to have picked up again which is cool…
As a long time music industry professional, what do you think about enthusiasm? Is it good for business? Where is that tiny line that separates enthusiasm and professionalism ? Do these thing go together, or should they be separated?
You need both! Sometimes you can lose a bit of ethusiasm but it’s like anything you love, it doesnt take long to return.
Back to you and Croatia love affair. Could you share with us one or a few best memories here ?
I always get asked this but to be honest I can’t really remember. i always have a good time, ha ha, maybe too good
I remember back in the days, after a gig on one of the Croatian islands, you were taken back to the coast by an inflatable boat. Could you share with us little bit more about such a adventure ? Was it fun ?
It was a bit fucking scary at the time to be honest, there was about 7 of us on this little speed boat in the middle of the sea. But it’s funny looking back and the captain seemed to know what he was doing
Last time in Sirup you played an amazing set, mixture of deep, tech, techno and pure house music. It was such a jolly good ride with lot of ups and downs, and people were so delighted that are still talking about it. Are you at the moment maybe researching in different music styles with aim to bring something new into the tech house, genre you and your mates are associated with?
Music’s always changing but on the whole i’m playing the same style but always looking for new sounds…
These days tech house really went globally and it’s accepted and played among the best DJs and the best clubs around the world, but to get there, it had to be expanded from the initial tech house sound in the 90s. How do you feel about that?
I think it’s important to be a leader not a follower, these too many clones…